New book is out!

Disclaimer: The book I'm going to talk about is in portuguese. I hope the illustrations are interesting enough to have you stick around till the end of the post.


The last book I illustrated has been released this week and I can finally share more about it!
This book is about food. It aims to teach children about where it comes from, why is it good for you. And I'm not saying this because I'm involved, but it's still quite fun.


One of the best parts of illustrating a book is reading the text and imagining what you can do to make it richer.  Asking yourself "How can I best complement what is written?" And I had a blast doing that in this book.
Besides the illustrations, I also did all the design of the book. It's always great to have projects where I can do the two things I like the most: illustration and design. I haven't done much design work lately and I missed it.
Doing both things allowed me to plan the book as a whole: I designed for the illustrations and I illustrated for the design. I believe this helped make the book very cohesive even though it's not a storybook.
This book was also the perfect excuse to finally finish a font I started drawing 5 years ago. So in this book you'll find my illustrations, my design, my font and my hand lettering. There is a lot from me in it and I really hope you like it.