Inspiring Side Projects #1 - Thanking around

I love side projects!
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, a side project is something you do aside from your main job. It's a creative outlet that allows you to fulfill a passion you probably don't get to explore anywhere else. You do it because you want to challenge yourself, you want to get better at something or maybe acquire a new skill.
There are a lot of reasons for having a side project but what they usually have in common is that it's something you are passioned about and committed to.
I also find it very inspiring to find new side projects other people created. My favourites are the ones where I think I wish I had that idea!
That's why I wanted to share some of my favourite side projects from fellow creatives. Inspiration needs to be shared.
My lastest discovery was Thanking Around by Isabella Lião.

Isabella is a letterer and digital nomad. In this project, she creates a lettering piece with the words thank you in the language of the countries she visits. She then offers a print version of the finished piece to the hosts she stayed with.
Just by itself this idea seems awesome to me but Isabella goes the extra mile and also shares the process she goes through when creating each piece. From photos she takes and uses as inspiration for the piece, till the actual creation of the piece sharing her doubts and the obstacules the found along the way.
It shows you that design isn't only about making things pretty, it's about transmitting a message in the best and most engaging way possible.
I just hope that she travels a lot for me to keep seeing these lovely pieces!