Goals for 2018

To tell you the truth, I spent quite a while dreading the time when I had to look at the goal list I'd set myself at the beginning of the year, to see what I'd actually accomplished.
I never took new year resolutions very seriously, especially work resolutions: because I had a fulltime job where I didn't have to think about it. But this was the first year I spent being a self-employed illustrator so I thought I should probably make a proper list. I did it but only because everyone else was doing it and I didn't take it seriously. I wrote it and never bothered looking at it again so I had no idea what I'd written and I was afraid I didn't accomplish anything from that list.

The first thing I wrote was to illustrate a story. Now I have no idea if I meant "illustrate my own story" or "illustrate any story". I didn't get to illustrate my own story but I actually managed to illustrate two books this year that I'm extremely proud of so I'm gonna count that as a point for me.
For 2018 'd like to take the time to work on my own story. It's kind of hard to invest in such a time-consuming process but I'll try to prioritize it.

Another goal I had was to start my own newsletter and look at us now in month 9 and without failing any month yet!
I postponed creating it for fear of not being able to commit to it and not having enough interesting content to share with you every month. But being able to stop and think about it and actually take the time to write to you has been one of my favourite things to do each month.

Another one of my goals was to make weekly posts on my blog. And that was a fail. To be honest, I got discouraged by the lack of feedback. It felt like no one was reading it so why bother? Creating content for all these platforms is a lot of work and it felt like I wasn't getting anything back from it so I stopped. Now my approach is a more relaxed one and I'll upload it when I have something worth it. Having a regularly uploaded blog is very important to SEO so I won't give up on it completely.

I also wrote I wanted to upload one new video every other week to my youtube channel but I only got more serious about it in the second half of the year.
If I think about it, making videos is one of the bravest things I did this year and one I never imagined myself doing. But I'm glad I did it. I still have a long way to go there, I still need to be a lot more confident but for now I'm doing it and I'm loving the amazing feedback I've been getting, especially with vlogmas  (I filmed and edited a video every day from the 1st till the 19th of December. It was a lot of work but I think it was worth it).

On January last year I had launched my Etsy shop recently and was excited about it. I wanted to create at least one new design each month and make 4 sales a month. But by April I gave up on the shop for a bit. And I only picked it back up in November when I launched the notebooks. I was sure I missed that goal but I did the math and it turns out I did 4,03 sales a month on average! Most of these sales were made recently but it still counts!! I'm going to count that as a successfully achieved goal.

On a personal note, I wrote I wanted to travel somewhere. Little did I know by then that 2017 was the year I would finally travel to one of my dream destinations: New York and I'm nothing but grateful for that.
I also wrote I wanted to make a 10k run this year and that was probably the biggest fail of all. I slacked a lot on exercise and health but I'm going to make that a goal for 2018 too.

When I look back at those goals, I see I wasn't very intentional with them. I didn't take the time to actually think them through and I didn't make realistic plans to actually achieve them. And that's something I definitely want to do differently in 2018.
I'm still thinking about what I want to achieve next year but I already know I want to be more organized, focused and intentional because I know I wasn't any of those in 2017.
I got from a couple of places the idea of breaking down the year into quarters and plan them individually and that's what I'm doing now, it seems a lot more manageable and less scary this way. I'd totally recommend if you're feeling overwhelmed by all the things you want to do! Breaking big things down into small chunks makes them a lot less scary.
I can already tell you I'm planning on having a very productive and busy 1st quarter!
I wish you all the best for the New Year and thank you for your support and feedback during this year. You have no idea how important it is for me!