to blog or not to blog.

I've started my first blog in 2007 and I've been on and off it ever since. At first I only shared funny stories and thoughts but as my path evolved to a more creative career I started sharing more and more about it.
With time and as I began working creatively I grew more attached to my work and it also became harder to share it openly as it felt way to personal. And internet trolls exist and I admit they got to me.
With this blog (and other things I'm doing like the newsletter and the youtube channel) I'm trying to fight it and share more about me, my process and my work.

I love other creative people's blogs and that's what Inspired me to add a blog to my portfolio.
With the rise of social media, blogging lost some of its power and I understand that not everybody wants to take the time to come and check my blog out. But I also feel that if you're here, it's because you are truly interested and that's my greatest encouragement to share more of what I don't share there. I hope this blog feels like a much closer connection to me because I definitely feel the same.

Blogging isn't easy. And I believe it's even harder when you're not particularly good with words. I could make this an image based blog but I don't really connect to those so I don't want to do that for myself. You have plenty of nice imagery if you just open your Instagram feed. I want you to have more here.

In the future, I want these posts to be more valuable to you. 
It's hard to objectively look at myself and think of what valuable knowledge can I share when I believe I have so much to learn.

Even though I don't get much feedback on these posts I know you're there (not to sound creepy but I see you on the analytics - the blog is one of the most visited pages of this website). I hope you're finding value here. And I hope one day you'd like to share your thoughts with me.