April overview

I can't believe April has come and gone!
Let me share with you some of the highlights of my month and even where I feel I failed:

1. I started working on a new book! It's going to be a lot of work and a very challenging project but I'm super excited about it.

2. I received some of the cases I illustrated for gocase and I created a few more. It makes me very happy to know people like my work enough to have it with them all day everyday.
Did you know my horny unicorn case is my most sold item?

3. My first editorial illustration was released and I got my copy in the mail this month. I loved working on it. So much so that I can't wait to have the opportunity to work on something similar in the future.
I wrote a blog post about it, you can read it if you want to see more details.

4. I started working on my first font ever! I drew the letters 4 years ago but never finished it until now. Vitória gave me a lot of advice and even said that with some tweaks it could be good enough to sell! Which to be honest never crossed my mind. I'll let you know if I do it. Until then here's a sneak peak of it.

5. This month I also conquered one of my fears and finally made a youtube video talking to the camera. I'm still super self-conscious mainly about my english and whether or not I have something valuable to share but I'm glad I did it. I really want to be an illustrator with a youtube channel.

6. This month I neglected my etsy shop a bit and I'm quite sad about it. Hopefully I'll be better at it in May. I have some new prints I want to put up and I really need to take some time to take care of that!