The story of how I decided to make a calendar

Making a physical monthly calendar has been one of my goals for a very long time…

  • Chapter 1: Ancient History

Every year for a few years now it usually goes like this: around November/December I remember I want to do a calendar, By this point it’s already too late to start creating one so I get sad and promise myself I’ll start thinking about it earlier next year. 

  • Chapter 2: Recent History

This year I remember it in the middle of September which is kind of late to start thinking about it but it’s still doable. Since it’s the first year I’m working as a full-time freelancer I thought it was kind of my job to finally do it, there were no excuses. But, and there’s always a but, I wanted to have a nice theme to work around and I couldn’t think of anything. I just admitted defeat and tried to move one.

  • Chapter 3:The fears and insecurities of the creative and broke mind

Then came October and with it Inktober. In the beginning of the month I talked to a few friends who told me I should do something with the illustrations I was creating. I remembered I could make a calendar with my favorite 12 illustrations. But I would only be able to do it in November which again… is already late to start a calendar. Also, there’s the usual doubts: you can only sell calendars for a limited amount of time and not having a huge following I’d probably end up investing the money and having a lot of calendars around every room of my house (on the upside, I could see which day is it while in the toilet… that’s the dream!). That’s a very big risk to take when you’re just starting out.

  • Chapter 4: The actual process

I ended up forgetting that idea… for a little while. Then on Saturday the 5th November I was working on my computer at night and decided to JUST DO IT. So I stayed up very late working and spent all day sunday working on this calendar.

I decided I wanted it to have a handmade feel. My inktober project was all about the ability to use tradicional mediums, it only made sense that the calendar had that same feel. So I wrote all the months and days by hand and scanned them. All the lines and numbers were also handmade by me. I have to say I quite like the end result.

  • Conclusion

And now it’s out! And I’m very happy I took the risk. It’s already my most purchased item and I’m so thankful for the support I’ve been getting!  

You can buy it here