Hi, I’m Elsa!

I’m an independent illustrator based in sunny Portugal.
When I’m not at my desk you’ll probably find me petting my dog Tosta (it’s portuguese for Toast - have I told you how much I like bread?)

I have a background in photography and graphic design. I still like to add those skills to the projects I work on whenever I can. Need me to also design the book I’m illustrating for you? No problem!

I like to share my journey and my process. That’s why you’ll find me writing in my newsletter or blog or making videos on youtube.



Elsa is a really talented illustrator and great to have on board in any project that requires someone creative and super professional.
That’s.y. has had a very positive experience while working with her. Elsa delivers on time and comes up with great ideas. We’d work with her again any day of the week. - Sandra Krich (That’s.y.)

I enjoyed commissioning you and found your creative process really intuitive. Starting with a sketch, you asked me what I thought and it was good to see you working in that way. Your style is very fresh and adds a lot of life to my pages – something that’s important in a business title. -  Clare Kelly (Pet Product Magazine)

Working with Elsa was a very positive experience. In publishing, timelines are very strict and she always delivered on time. She quickly understood our vision for the project and was always open to our feedback. - Filipa Casqueiro (Booksmile)


Physics Animated - Familius Publishing
The Nature of Kindness - Outskirts Press
Portuguesas Extraordinárias
- Booksmile
What’s that Sound: Different Materials - S&S Alliance 
What’s that Sound: Nature Views - S&S Alliance 
What’s that Sound: Musical Instruments - S&S Alliance 
What’s that Sound: Daily Life - S&S Alliance 
Vamos Conhecer os Alimentos - Booksmile
As Doze Princesas Bailarinas - Zero a Oito
Xafir e a Feiticeira do Pântano - Alfarroba Edições
O Sonho do João - Alfarroba Edições


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